Samsung INR 18650 36G 10A 3600mAh High Drain Flat Top Rechargeable Battery

Samsung INR 18650 36G 10A 3600mAh High Drain Flat Top Rechargeable Battery

Samsung SDI

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  • Style: Flat Top
  • Chemistry: INR
  • Nominal capacity: 3600mAh (Typical)
  • Max Continuous Rated Discharge: 10A
  • Dimensions: 65.30 mm (Approx.) x 18.30 mm (Approx.)
  • Weight: 48.0g (Approx.)
  • Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.50V
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6~3.7V
  • Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V ± 0.05V
  • Protected: No, Unprotected
  • Standard Charge: Constant Current 1000mA, Constant Voltage 4.2V, 50mA Cut-Off
  • Operational Charging Temperature Range: 0 to 45 degrees Celsius
  • Operational Discharging Temperature Range: -10 to 60 degrees Celsius 

Note: We have tested random samples from each and every shipment to make sure all the batteries are fresh and genuine. You won't get this extra service from most suppliers.

Please read before you place your order:

Dear Customers:
You must have an appropriate understanding of the potential dangers of Li-ion battery before you place your order and usage. As misusing or mishandling the battery may cause a fire or explosion which may result in personal injury or property damage. This battery is manufactured and sold for the intended use of system integrations with proper protection circuitry or battery packs with a BMS (battery management system) or PCB (circuit board/module). This battery is neither designed nor intended to be used for other purposes. Usage of this battery is at your own risk!

Friendly reminders:

  • Don't use with device that does not have BMS or PCB protection.

  • Don't store loose in your pocket, backpack, purse, or etc. Always use a case or box for storage or to carry with you.

  • When not in use, always store your battery in a case or box in which battery were delivered with.

  • Misusing or mishandling Li-ion battery can cause a serious risk of personal injury or property damage.

  • If misused or mishandled, the battery may explode, burn, or case a fire.

  • Usage of battery is at your own risk!

  • Only use with proper protection circuitry.

  • Don't short circuit intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Stay away from metal or conductive objects to prevent short circuiting.

  • Don't use the battery if battery's wrapper or terminal insulator is damaged or torn.

  • Don't use if battery is showing any visible damage.

  • Don't over-charged or charged battery above the maximum voltage rating.

  • Don't over-discharged or exceed battery above the continuous discharge rating.

  • Don't modify, disassemble, puncture, cut, crush, or incinerate the battery.

  • Don't expose the battery to liquids or high temperatures.

  • Don't use force to install the battery in any way.

  • Only use the battery within manufacturer’s specification.

  • Store the battery at a safe place where the pet/child can't reach.

  • Always charge the battery in or on a fire-proof surface and never leave battery charging unattended.

  • Only use a proper smart charger to charge the battery.

  • Please fully charged the battery before first use. The charging time may vary, depends on the charger you have (may need from 4 to 12 hours). If your charger has a capacity indicator, it is normal that the first bar or first 20% to 25% would take the longest time to be charged.

  • Always use the batteries that are same brand, same model, and same condition. Don't mix and match with other batteries.

  • Immediately stop using the battery if any abnormal appearance occurs.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure that your charger or device is functional.

  • If exposed to battery electrolyte, flush with water immediately and/or immediately contact a physician or emergency services.

  • Don't throw away in trash; please properly recycle or dispose the battery.

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        Hayley B.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product
        great bqtteries

        Work great for the cheap price!

        Nat S.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product
        High Quality Product, Good Service

        M&A BD does an excellent job of communicating and shipping is good. The advertised Samsung INR 18650 is 3,600mAh capacity. I used the LiitoKala battery tester and so far tested 2 out of 10 batteries I purchased both gave readings of 3442 and 3446 mAh which is low by about 5%. I believe my tester is reasonably accurate because I tested IMREN 21700 5,000mAh battery and got 4,976 mAh which is > 0.5% off.

        Dana J.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product
        Seem like ok batteries.

        Put them in a battery backup. Works fine.

        M&A BD Electronics Samsung INR 18650 36G 10A 3600mAh High Drain Flat Top Rechargeable Battery Review
        Ditte C.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product
        Great service

        I needed to get new batteries for my vapor. The ones I had, was worn. For vaping, it’s imperative, to get proper batteries. You don’t just buy something you think will do, or you will just find yourself ending up as the next headline. First of all, I’m impressed with the speed, I received my order! It was processed and shipped out, the same day, I ordered. The price was more, than fair. You will have to charge the batteries, when you receive them, but that is explained fully when you order. The charge hold up and the battery is fully as promised.